City Romantic Festival

City Romantic Festival

City Romantic Festival is a literature and musical event in cultured milie. According to tradition, the festival takes place on Moscow City Day complimenting this event. This festival features musicians of a very peculiar style with a touch of retro music, telling sentimental stories about beautiful strangers, and about relationship between persons. 

Initially this festival was held in Gorgy Park in 2012 and at once became an international event, as any place in the world has charming small streets of no name, shady public gardens and small fascinating cafes.  

In 2013 the festival was two day long; it grew in size and had nine stages in nine districts of Moscow. 

City Romantic Festival featured more than 60 artists from Russia, Argentina, Ukraine, Georgia and Norway: Tonino Carotone (Spain), Maria Due (Norway), Billy’s Band, Mhoo (Norway), Capitan Tifus (Argentina), Pianoboy (Ukraine), Budzillus (Germany), Zhenya Fedorov and Optimystica Orchestra,  Neschastny Sluchai Band and Alexey Kortnev, Undervud, Megalopolis, Stary Priyatel, PEP-SEE, «Qui?Toi!», My Sister’s Band, Zhenya Lubich, Videli!Znayem, Alexander F. Sklyar and many others. 

This year, in addition to the music, the festival also hosted literary productions by Bookmarket, a handmade fair, book markets, plein-air painting, performances and master classes.  The performers were: Egor Druzhinin with “Life is Everywhere” production, Eric Emmanuel Schmitt and Boris Milgram, Alisa Grebenshchikova with “Drip” poetry production, Vladimir Yakovlev, Oleg Nesterov and many others. 

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